Harbor, cafes and restaurants mingling boaters and local fishermen amazing site.

Key location for walking, citadel, Genoese construction of the twelfth century, stands proudly on a rocky promontory. Majestic and menacing, it seems invulnerable to time passing. It is both landmark, symbol, history.

Within its fortifications, houses huddled against each other border of the small, dark, narrow and steep streets in sometimes complicated path leading to Palace of the Governors Genoese or to Saint Jean-Baptiste Cathedral.
While the walls, several modified by adding bastions time, hug the rocky terrain of this growth... Previously, the only entrance was guarded by a drawbridge, is accessed by the place Christopher Columbus, who, according to tradition, was born in one of the houses of the citadel. Without forgetting the terrace of CHEZ TAO, the view over the bay where Nelson lost his eye.

  • Citadelle de Calvi
  • Port de Calvi
  • La citadelle et le port de Calvi
  • Vue panoramique de Calvi
  • Coucher de soleil sur Calvi
  • Statut de Notre Dame de la Serra

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